Tarsar Marsar Trek Distance

Day wise breakdown of trek distance

Overview: Tarsar Marsar trek stretches to a distance of 40-45 kilometers in the Kashmir valley and takes approximately a week (7-8 days) to complete your voyage. You get to see varied landscapes such as rugged terrains, vast meadows with vibrant wildflowers, clear streams, rivers with bubbling water, snow-capped mountains and so much more. It is the perfect trek for a nature-lover, and you can spend a week in the lap of nature. If you want to have your first Himalayan experience, then Tarsar Marsar trek is the perfect choice.

Your itinerary is designed in such a way that you don’t miss anything. Such routes are chosen that display all the hidden gems of kashmir. A 7 to 8 days itinerary is the ideal one including the camping and acclimatization. The trek starts with Aru basecamp which is at an altitude of 2400 m and finds its climax at Marsar lake situated at an altitude of 4100m. Hence, you get to experience high-altitude surroundings in this long yet rewarding Tarsar Marsar trek. You also witness some passes like the high point- Sheshnag pass and others. The two gorgeous alpine lakes – Tarsar lake and Marsar lake are set against the magnificent Pir Panjal mountain.

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Day 1: Srinagar to Aru

Starting Point: Srinagar (1585m/ 5200 ft.)
End Point: Aru (2400 m/ 7950 ft.)
Altitude Gain: Approx 1100m
Distance to be Covered: 110 Km.
Time Taken: 4 hrs.

Your first day starts with traveling from Srinagar to Aru. Srinagar is 100 km from Pahalgam and then Aru is 12 kms away from Pahalgam. There are two ways to travel to Pahalgam- Anantnag and Bijbehara . Traveling through Bijbehara you get to see local villages, apple orchards, walnut and apricot trees along the way. Taxis and cabs are available in Srinagar as well as in Pahalgam. You can either hire them or share them with other trekkers. The total Tarsar Marsar trek distance covered starting from Aru to again back at base camp on 7th day is approximately 40-45 kms.

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Day 2: Aru to Lidderwat

Starting Point: Aru (2400m/ 7950 ft.)
End Point: Lidderwat (2800m/9150 ft.)
Altitude Gain: 400m
Distance to be Covered: 10 Km.
Time Taken: 6-7 hrs.

Second day trek starts from Aru with gradual ascent through meadows and forests. It is a long walk of 10kms taking 6-7 hrs to cover it. It is a long yet gentle walk. Beginning your trek, you walk side by side of the lidder river seeing tiny houses in the Kashmir valley. After an hour of trekking you enter a forest full of fir trees and after another half hour of trekking, a clearing called Dalla pops out where we can see gujjar huts.

Few minutes later, a cluster of gujjar settlements called Nandkei can be seen. This is the only place in the whole trek where you can get a bird’s view of the life and culture of the gujjar community. In this long 10 km distance , you will get to trek on bridges with clear streams following under them, and also in open grasslands. On reaching Lidderwat camp, there are many places around to camp out. The trek is full of gorgeous meadows , water streams with bubbling water and many more.

Day 3: Lidderwat to shekwas

Start Point: Lidderwat (2800m/ 9150 ft.)
End Point: Shekhwas (3350m/ 11000 ft.)
Altitude Gain: 250m
Distance to be Covered: 6 Km.
Time Taken: 5 hrs.

Trail is straightforward, easy and does not possess any difficulty. Leaving the river behind, we climb right into the pine forests once again. Here, you have to trek for one and a half hours through a cluster of pines and then a view of open grassland pops out and comes into sight. Many valleys converge together into each other . moving along the path, you may come across Bhakrwals shelters.

You will see enough clear streams to get your bottles filled. To reach Homwas, cross the river by hopping over boulders and then crossing a bridge. You can get a cup of coffee in a few Gujjar huts to take a breath and relax for a bit. As soon as you reach Homwas, the trek is a cakewalk and the grass under the feet feels soothing. You can walk barefoot here if you are comfortable. Moving further in the south direction, you enter a valley with a river accompanying you. The end point is Shekhwas is a good camping point as you can enjoy the scenery and sunset.

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Day 4: Shekwas to Tarsar lake

Start Point: Shekhwas (3350m/ 11000 ft)
End Point: Tarsar lake (3800m/ 12500 ft)
Altitude Gain: 400m
Distance to be Covered: 4 Km.
Time Taken: 3 to 4 hrs.
Starting your trek to the first of the two significant alpine lakes, you trek in grasses for a long time. And after that, trekking in ridges of the conical hill in front takes place. After two hours of trekking, we get a glimpse of Tarsar lake , making our feet go faster in excitement. To reach Tarsar, cross the streams over boulders and land on the lush green grass of Tarsar.

Tarsar lake is almond shaped and undoubtedly one of the beautiful lakes of india. Don’t forget to take slow walks around the lake in the evening. The whole panoramic view looks like something out of a dream. The turquoise blue waters look unreal and surreal to the eyes. You might wanna plunge in the lake but avoid it because it is a high altitude lake and water is freezing too. Just soak in all the beauty by camping around the lake.

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Day 5: Tarsar to Sundersar

Start Point: Tarsar lake (3800m/12500 ft)
End Point: Sundersar lake (4000m/ 13100 ft)
Altitude Gain: 200m
Distance to be Covered: 6 km.
Time Taken: 5 hrs.

The trek from Tarsar to Sundersar is of moderate level. From Tarsar, the trek starts by a steep ascent till you reach the pass, followed by a descent and after that, ascent gradually till you see Sundersar campsite. There are two ways to reach Sundersar. One is through the Tarsar pass which is hectic but time saving it saves about 3-4 hrs. You can also reach Sundersar lake by trekking from Tarsar to Shekwas and then turning left, you enter the sundersar valley. The route through pass is the easy one and most of the trekkers choose it.

When you descend from the pass, you will spot some Bakarwals shelter. You will see horses and sheep’s grazing in the vast open grasslands. Sundersar lake contains its own serenity and is a perfect campsite to relax for the night. Behind the shelters, you must hop over the boulders to tap the knoll. Behind the knoll, you will see the most lushest grassland ever. It looks very dreamy. Streams turn into a pond with snow-capped mountains in the backdrop.

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Day6 : Sundersar lake to Marsar lake via Homwas

Start Point: Sundersar (4000m/12945 ft.)
End Point: Marsar lake (4100m/13165 ft.)
Altitude Gain: 100m
Homwas: 3500m/ 11500 ft.
Altitude Loss: 500m
Distance to be Covered: 11Km.
Time Taken: 7 hrs.

It is a long but gentle trek. Leisuring around the shores of Sundersar lake, and getting a bit far from the lake, two passes can be taken to reach Marsar lake. The boulder laden one is the quicker one and most trekkers choose it too. Hop over on the boulders and take the route towards the pass. You may see snow patches on boulders hence an ice-axe or trekking pole is a blessing.

Trek for half of an hour to reach the pass. The pass is a lovely and lushy grassland that has very clear trails leading to flatter ground just below it. While keeping to the trail, you will see a ridge. Climb to the top of it, and after 5 minutes you will see a panoramic view of Marsar lake. On reaching Marsar, you will see the prettiest face of nature. Marsar lake is just like Tarsar with snowy mountains in the backdrop. After absorbing the beauty of Marsar lake, trek back to Jagmari valley. Take the route that leads to Shekwas. From Shekwas , reach Homwas after an hour of trek. At Homwas, you camp out for the night and relax.

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Day 7: Homwas to Aru & drive to Srinagar

Start Point: Homwas (3500m/ 11500 ft.)
End point: Aru (2400m/ 7950 ft.)
Altitude Loss: 900m
Distance to be Covered: 13 Km.
Time Taken: 7 hrs.

On your way back, you take the same route that you took in the beginning. It goes downhill and it takes 2 hrs to trek from Homwas to Lidderwat. Consider yourself lucky as you will get to see the beauty of the Tarsar Marsar trek and Kashmir valley twice. Aru is 10km away from Lidderwat, taking around 4 hrs to cover it. You will reach Aru by 4pm. After reaching Aru, you can hire a cab/ taxi or share it with other trekkers to reach Srinagar . It is a 110km drive taking around 4 hrs.

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How long is the Tarsar Marsar trek?

The total distance covered in the trek is approximately 40-45 kilometers. It takes 6-7 days to complete the journey. In Tarsar Marsar trek, you get to explore meadows, rivers, snowy mountains, lakes etc.

How to reach Tarsar Marsar trek?

The trek begins from the Aru basecamp and goes all the way to Marsar lake. You can reach Aru from Srinagar through a cab/ taxi which you can either hire or share with other trekkers. Aru is 110 kms from Srinagar and it takes a 4 hrs drive to reach there.

How high is Tarsar lake?

Tarsar lake, one of the two alpine lakes, is situated at an altitude of 3800m/12500 ft. It is surrounded by breathtaking meadows with Pir Panjal mountain in the backdrop.

How far is Tarsar Marsar lake from srinagar?

To start the trek, you need to reach Aru since its from here that Tarsar Marsar trek begins. Aru is approximately 110 kms from Srinagar. Hire a cab or taxi or share it with other trekkers and it will take 4 hrs to reach Aru from Srinagar.

What is the altitude profile along the Tarsar Marsar trek distance?

The trek starts from Aru which is at an altitude of 2400m/ 7950 ft. and concludes at Marsar lake (Sheshnag pass) situated at an altitude of 4100m/ 13165 ft. Hence, we can see an altitude gain of approximately 1700m.

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